Make Money as a Search Engine Evaluator

6 Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

In addition to the companies below, make sure you regularly check FlexJobs for new positions.

1. Appen

Appen Butler Hill, known simply as Appen, is a NSW Australia-based company that’s heavily invested in crowdsourcing, search technology, social media engagement, and language technology.

They offer localized positions for “web search evaluator” that require 4 to 5 hours weekday commitment.

The application period, which can take from 1 to 3 weeks, involve a three-step set of exams (search engine test, English test, technical skills test).

Pay depends on where you live, but all are sent via PayPal. Africans and Asians are paid around AUD$7/hour, while US, UK and other countries are paid AUD$13 to $14/hour.

2. RaterLabs (ran by Leapforce)

Leapforce is a California-based company known for not only hiring independent contractors as evaluators, it also offers social media evaluator, internet analyst, and more.

In mid-2017, one of Leapforce clients decided to work only with companies with actively employed web search evaluators, which led Leapforce to create RaterLabs and hire agents as employees.

You can apply to either RaterLabs or Leapforce if a slot opens up, but you’re not allowed to apply to both companies.

Both Leapforce and RaterLabs offer localized jobs, so there may be times when positions for a particular location may not be available. Both companies require agents to pass a three-part exam.

Workers from UK and other European countries earn $14/hour, while US, Canada & Americas-based workers earn $13.5/hour paid via direct deposit. Asians and Indians are paid lowest, at $7/hour via Western Union. All workers can get up to $2/hour raise after years of consistent work with the company.

3. Lionbridge

Like Leapforce, one of Lionbridge’s clients is Google, which means you can expect search engine evaluator (or “web content assessor”) positions more regularly than other companies on this list. Lionbridge also has positions for internet judges, social media search consultants and online maps specialists.  

Do note you can’t work for both Lionbridge and Leapforce at the same time.

Based in Ballina Ireland, Lionbridge has openings for independent contractors from various countries. Pay rates are similar to Leapforce. Workers from the US and European countries earning around $14/hour and Asians, Africans and Indians with $7/hour.

4. ZeroChaos

Florida-based ZeroChaos hiresevaluators and ad quality raters on a work-from-home basis, but only US citizens are allowed into the program.

The application process is easy and can be completed within a week, especially if you’re a degree-holder. However, openings are rare. Pay ranges from $14 to $15 paid via PayPal or direct deposit.

5. iSoftstone

This Fortune 100, Washington-based company hires online ad evaluators and search engine evaluators from all over the world. Unlike Lionbridge and Leapforce that has maintained Google as a client for years, iSoftstone’s major client is Microsoft, so you’d have to be familiar with Bing and other Microsoft products. This also means that you can work for other companies on this list.

iSoftstone pays somewhere between $8 to $13, depending on where you live. Payment are sent via PayPal. Aside from passing a series of tests, you’ll also need to provide a link to your LinkedIn account before you begin.

6. Google

Google calls the internet assessors as “ads quality raters.”

This position rarely opens (and it’s one of the company’s few work-at-home positions available), but if you’re lucky, you can apply for either an English-only or localized job. You’ll need to commit to 10-30 work hours weekly and sign a non-disclosure agreement.

As an ads quality rater, you have to provide feedback on image or text search results, web pages, and other information required.

You can access specific tasks via the online tool Google provides. You need to mark texts or images as vital, useful, relevant, off-topic or spam based on the rating guidelines provided by Google.

Payment isn’t published, but those who have worked as an ads quality rater claims to receive $14 to $15 per hour paid weekly. To apply, search “ads quality rater” on Google’s career page.


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