5 Things Wrong With The World

It’s an age old question that has gnawed on the inside of our skulls. We all have asked ourselves this question at one point in our lives — for some, however, it is a question that demands an answer.

What is wrong with the world?

We have all been in a situation where something drags us out of our waking slumber and insists that we pay attention. Unfortunately, the world of conspiracy theory has turned a sharp right into conspiracy fact, yet many are too happy to turn the alarm clock off and roll over and snooze for a few more minutes. While we will delve into this in more articles (which will always be short and to the point), I felt it was necessary to establish a foundation on which to build.


The Problem of the Self

Have you ever watched little children play? It is something amazing to watch because children have a way of giving us an unfiltered view into the human psyche. Children are taught most of what they eventually turn out to be, but if we left children alone to play with no interference (in a vacuum), we would see something beautiful. Children love to share.

You may be thinking No. I have seen kids and they most certainly do not share — and you would be right — at least partially.

Children learn from each other, but more from the adults who raise them. When children are left to their own devices, they are surprisingly giving and work with each other naturally. The key take-away from this is the word nature. It is in our nature to work with each other and to give. It is in our very nature to care for one another and to look out for common interests.

We dont see a lot of this these days do we?

This is at the heart of the problem. Human have lost the ability to work as a group towards a common good.


The Problem of Consumption

We all have our needs, right? Our basic needs in one of the TRUTHS is one of the things we will talk about in great depth because it lies at the heart of one of our biggest problems. Over-Consumption.

Have you ever been to a buffet? Of course you have. They are great. You can get almost anything your heart — and stomach desires. But have you ever stopped yourself while at one of these colossal feasts and questioned if you truly need that second helping? More than likely, most haven’t. We arent specifically talking about buffets but we are talking about the problem with hoarding of resources and stuff.

Why do we do this?

Now, this isn’t a world issue but more of an American issue—more specifically, the United States. The US out-consumes every other country by a large margin while only accounting for a small fraction of the total population of Earth. This addiction to stuff puts a massive strain on the world to keep up with the massive demand that comes from within these borders. OK, so that’s a fact, but why?

We have an addiction with stuff because we are miserable. Yes, that may sound like a complete shock, but its very true. Americans are some very unhappy overall and consume anti-psychotics at an alarming rate. We strive to fill every nook and cranny with “things” that we hope will help us feel better about ourselves. But, what happens — very commonly — is we continue to end up miserable after a short respite. We have an addiction that is all too similar to a heroin user. We will always want more and it will NEVER be enough.


The Problem of Low Self Worth

As mentioned above, depression and abuse of pharmaceuticals leads the way in the United States. We have an addiction to things and there doesn’t seem to be a remedy (well…there is). But more importantly, is the fall out of this is an even larger problem — Low self worth.

It seems like every day you can turn on the television and see someone do something that is unspeakable. Actions that would have turned your stomach a few decades ago are commonplace and worse yet — expected and planned for. Mothers are killing their children, husbands and murdering their wives, children are killing children.


This is a very complicated problem and its a good bet that there are hundreds of possible answers for this along with hundred of different solutions. Ill be the first to tell you — not one of them will work. I can say this because every possible solution that has been put forward has always been some derivative of the same idea — band-aids.

We can only put so much to cover up a wound before it becomes necessary to use real medicine. The real medicine is a hard pill to swallow but here it is:

We have all been programmed.

This sounds too simple to be real, but there it is in black and white. We have all been programmed to feel miserable. It is misery and unhappiness that makes this broken system work. People consume because they have a make-believe need that must be filled — we have a make-believe ailment that must be cured, and we will do anything to get it. This, of course, goes way deeper and we will get into that.


The Problem of Social Media

There are good things when it comes to social media, but the way that it is utilized for the majority of Americans is troubling. We as Americans spend far too much time in front of our smartphones, constantly updating every minutia of our lives.

While social media has allowed us to stay updated on news and event that surround us, most of social media users have become addicted to it, a fact that even one of the founders of Facebook has admitted to being a goal. Yes, social media is out to turn your brain into addicted slush. Is it no surprise that people feel even worse about themselves when they must rank themselves to thousands of others, if not millions?

This ranking attribute of social media is one of the things that is not talked about as much as it should. We have a very competitive nature to us which has been instilled over many generations. Is this competitiveness a good thing? sure, in small doses. However, many take things all too seriously and they have a real threat of spiraling.

The fact of the matter is that social media has a way of putting rosy tint to our lives when reality may not look nearly that glamorous. We dont see reality for what it is because social media is another form of social entertainment. We know Arnold is not a time traveling killer robot, but the difference may not be that clear with social media. We only see snap-shots of someones life and perceived excess only leads to perceived shortages in ones life. This type of thinking and perceived worthlessness leads to all types of bad things.


The Problem of God

Now, We will discuss many more problems with the world. The list is endless unfortunately. I consider this problem to be the number one problem right now because it lies at the heart of every other problem.

We dont have God in our lives.

Now, I know that the word God may upset some of you. I’m not sorry because if I were, I would not be writing this at all. Humans have always had a God complex. We rebel against our creator and our own soul. We starve our soul of the nourishment it truly needs. I am not a proponent of organized religion at the same time though. I believe religion has corrupted many facets of human existence. However, I also believe that religion has been corrupted over hundreds of years as well.

To truly take a step in the right direction, we must take a step towards the source of life itself. You may call this whatever you may — I say God or creator. The real reason why there is so much strife and misery in this world is the fact we have grown more separate from the source of everything that binds this world together. The further away we are from God, the worse things are.

When we are constantly missing something in our lives, we end up searching for things to fill the holes. You can really start to understand this buy looking at the real numbers and talking to real people. People are no more happy when they reach a certain level then those who seemingly have it all. We are left short-changed in the end and wanting for more. We ask ourselves what this magical thing we are looking for and I am here to tell you the answer.

The answer is God. We all feel alone on this earth and when it feels as though everything is in chaos, it is hard to determine what our true purpose is. We will never find this true purpose in material items. The only way to move forward is to lay down all of the stuff that is weighing you down.

When you attempt to follow the world, you will end up being pulled in every direction imaginable. If you allow this, you will eventually break. Does this mean, you must become a monk on a mountain in Tibet? No. But to truly be happy and find your purpose, you must plug back into the source that gives you life.


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