3 Online Side Gigs You Can Start Today

There are many online side gigs that you can do. We will be focusing on mainly the ones that you can do with relative ease as well as ones you can do on your semi off-grid property.

#1 Appen

This one may be new to you, but it has been around for a while. This is pretty simple. You apply and a few days later you are given access to their portal that has jobs that you can complete. they will all be remote jobs you can do on your computer. It is not especially steady work, but it does give you a small source of income every month. you must qualify for jobs, but that doesn’t take long and you can work whenever you want.

#2 Usertesting

This is another simple, small source of income. You are looking for small sources, because you need to have time to build up off-grid sources of sustainable income, but most importantly food.

Usertesting is actually pretty cool. To qualify you must take a small test which amount to you navigating a website and talking your way through it. You will not know what website you are going to, but it will be easy enough to complete. The idea is to improve websites and how user friendly they are. Even if you only make 50 bucks a month, its 50 that you didnt have before. You can always make more the more you work and qualify for jobs like anything else.


3 EJury

I found this one by mistake. However, I think it has some real potential and could be fun. This one is another simple, straightforward one. I do think that work can be a bit sporadic on it however.

the object is to act as a mock jury to help lawyers prepare for cases. You are paid a flat fee for each assignment. Once again, if you can get one per month, it will only help to lower your needs every month.


Check back for more recommendations as I find them.


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