Being Gay is Not A Sin

Here at Simple Life, we are non-denominational. We do not believe that any one religion is correct, just as we do not believe one mode of thinking is correct as well. What we do believe in is thinking in a rational way — which, surprise, doesn’t always lead to atheism.

I am a theist, which means that I believe in a creator being that animates everything — a being which breathed life into everything on earth. This does not mean that I believe God controls every aspect of life. I think we do that and as far as I’m concerned, we are not doing a very good job at that.

If you have watched any news in your life, you can see that homosexuality has had an up-down relationship with our culture. Gays have always been around and recently we have seen more and more come “out of the closet” to reveal their truer selves to us all. It is no longer the shock it used to be. It is normal.

Some on the religious right would have you believe that homosexuality is a sin — a sin that would damn your soul to hell for all eternity. There are many things that can do that, such as eating shellfish. The bible is not meant to be taken literally, because if it were, then I would imagine that we are all heading to some fire laden closet somewhere after we die. The Bible is remarkably silent on the issue of sexuality. In fact, Jesus’ main message pertained to loving one another regardless of ones station in life. One of the apostles, on their way to spread the gospel, was greeted by an Ethiopian outcast and upon giving the gospel, the Ethiopian was so moved that he wished to be baptized right then-and-there. He was not questioned about his life — no, he was baptized right there and welcomed into the fold.

We need to move passed all of this judgment and focus on the words that Jesus said concerning living one another. The Bible is a collection of books with one central theme: God is love. We should work harder to love one another instead of separating each other in lesser-classes of sinners. We have all fallen short and we are all in need of redemption.


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