Enough Democrat Promises to Fill a Sinking Ship

The Democrats running for president are full of promises this time around and it seems that the promises are getting more outlandish and lavish than ever before. From free healthcare for every single person, including undocumented people, free cash every month and a promise to get rid of all the guns in this country.

I will not be the first or last person to tell that these promises are as flat as a tire. It happened every election cycle and the promises are synonymous with a cheating husband who just doesnt want to leave. Im not going to say that the idea behind these promises are rooted in equality and morality, but if you dig a little deeper you can see that they are nothing more than run-of-the-mill political mumbo-jumbo.

Every candidate, regardless of party want to promise the world if you will just pull that lever — or fill the circle — on election day. Of course, whenever the election is over, we all go home, wait for the results and the process starts all over again. We all want to believe that if we just work hard then things will happen to us, but its not always the case. We must deal with failure after failure until we finally make it — and that isn’t a guarantee either.

The problem the Democrats have though is two-fold. They must beat a wildly popular President Trump who is leading in most polls despite what some main-stream outlets would have you believe. We remember the value of polls after 2016, so we’ll just let sleeping dogs lie. The second problem is that the Republican held Senate is a stronghold for the GOP and I dont see this breaking anytime soon. So, If the democrats have any hopes of delivering on inflated promises, they will have to dismantle the Senate as well—a seemingly impossible task given the uphill battle they have against a President who has made it his job to deliver to promised HE made in 2015-2016.

It will be hard — and we have seen how hard it is — for democrats to convince enough people that the state of the country is so far gone that a change is needed. I voted for Obama twice and I did so for one main reason. I wanted to give him enough time to fulfill his agenda. He didn’t. Not even close. I switched to Trump and so far he has been doing what he said he would. He is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but it will be very hard for Democrats to convince me to switch yet again just because they hate him and think he is a racist. Its just not enough guys and there isn’t enough real proof he is the Antichrist you say he is.

Lets just move on.


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