Morality vs Legality

We have entered an interesting time in our society where the value of decency and morality have taken a back-seat to legality and illegality. Why are morals and ethics still important? We believe that these things are still a very important part of our society because it lets us know what it Good and Evil. There are universal values that are inherent in our own constitution which drives the discussion on what is right and wrong far beyond our borders. Ideas such as honest, integrity, truth and justice are hallmarks to any civilized society and are the bedrocks in which we form our laws.

These ideas are no respecter of religion, race or creed. They are instilled in each of us when we are born. They are laws of nature and its because of the existence of such concepts that we can differential between something that is inherently good or bad. However, when the moral fiber of a society begins to decay then truth takes on a different meaning. Truth becomes subjective and it is often associated with the aims of those projecting those versions of the truth. This is where society begins to fall apart — because without the foundation support of truth, there is nothing to base anything on. Everything at this point becomes subjective.

Another problem that occurs when the morality of a society begins to falter is the increase of laws. We see this everyday with new legislation and laws being passed that seek to control the actions of a wide population of people. There is a German saying that states : “Where the law does not have power, that the power becomes the law.”

The point of all of this is the laws were means to punish or reward members of society for certain behaviors. The problem is that laws can only create decent human beings but it will never create moral human beings. This is a power idea when you really think about it because it puts the responsibility squarely back on our own shoulders instead of the broad shoulders of the government. We look to the government to solve the ills of society far too often and we have become complacent in this to the point where we have become inactive in our own salvation.

So what should we do?

It is very simple since simplicity is the over-arching theme to Simple Life. What we need to do is look inwards and look to what our own morality says about us. We seek change in this world and it always start at home. We must strive to be more moral and ethical to each other instead of treating each other within the confines of what the law allows. We have to step outside of our limited perspective and seek out the foundation where a true civil society is built. Then and only then will we begin to know what truth really is because we will be basing all of our actions on what is moral and just rather than what we must do in the eyes of the law.


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