The First Secret to Life

I would like to refer to these THREE articles on the secrets to life as the foundation of my own life. They apply to every single person in one way or the other and I’m going to make this nice a simple and short for you.

I would like to refer to these THREE articles on the secrets to life as the foundation of my own life. They apply to every single person in one way or the other and I’m going to make this nice a simple and short for you.


The first secret to life is that ITS NOT ABOUT YOU.

This seems counter intuitive since we we are talking about your own life, but I want you to stick with me here since this is so important and you can miss something if you’re not looking.

We have been taught since we are young to find whatever it is that we need to do and conveniently this has been laid out in a paint-by-numbers fashion so no real thought is involved:

  1. You go to School
  2. You get good grades
  3. You get into a Good college
  4. You get a Good Job
  5. You get married
  6. You have kids
  7. You work
  8. You die

Sounds about right?

Fro many of us, this is how we live our lives. We may not even be aware of how much programming we have undergone until its too late…but its never too late (honestly). This is one of the main reasons why we have that SPLINTER in the back of our minds that keeps telling us there is something wrong. Ill spare you the suspense and confirm there IS something terribly wrong with this entire picture.

We as humans were meant not to figure ourselves out. We already know ourselves. it is written into the very DNA that makes us human and very unique to this world and in-fact universe. We we MUST figure out is what our purpose as a species is, or shall I say “re-discover” what our purpose is as a species. This purpose is to live in balance with our surroundings. animals have done this for a very long time, but we are the only species that fights against this natural law. We we go against this law, we become ill physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Think about how unnatural everything is that surrounds us. We now charge a premium for anything that can be considered organic. Well, our entire lives are organic and it was intended to be lived that way. The lie is that we must conform to modern society and allow our lives and bodies to be continually be filled with pollution. Pollution can be literal as well as metaphorical through propaganda and all sorts of lies intended to prevent you from discovering what your natural purpose is on this planet.

We must start living outside of what is considered normal because the word “normal” no longer has any real meaning anymore. It is all subjective and those who have all the power also have the power to change language, meaning and worse of all — purpose.

So what is the secret and how to to apply it to your lives RIGHT NOW?

The first secret you must learn and apply is that ITS NOT ABOUT YOU. it is always and will always be about US. We all have the same natural drive to live a free life and be in balance not only with nature but also with our fellow man. Those in the highest positions of power over this world want you to forget this because division is how power is conceived. When we are divided and dependent then the entire human race is a slave.

You can begin to unshackle yourself but removing yourself from the source of lies and replacing it will real knowledge and real wisdom. You may or may not be religious but I challenge you to look at the teaching of all theologies. True wisdom comes from the teachers who have taught us these important lessons as a foundation to live our lives. This also doesn’t mean to become an anarchist—this is an extreme position. This is a call to slowly disconnect yourself from the source of all the pollution that causes you to believe you are less than human. You are much more than that. I know it.


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