Cashless Society is Closer than you Think

Take a moment to to look in your wallet or purse. Notice anything? for many of us out there, there is a striking difference from what many people saw just a few decades ago. Not much cash…or no cash at all.

Take a moment to to look in your wallet or purse. Notice anything? for many of us out there, there is a striking difference from what many people saw just a few decades ago. Not much cash…or no cash at all.

This is a trend that has been accelerating over the last decade and when Denmark stopped printing money, we know now that the acceleration is entering phase of mass implementation.

Some, in the religious circles, may look at this as a sign of the “end times”. It may very well be a sign of some sort of end, and whether or not this is a good thing is a highly debated topic. The fact is that most people may not even think about the repercussions of a cashless society. We are used to the thought that if we need “currency” , we can go to the bank and simple get some, but what if that option was no longer there?

50% of people in the United States carry less than 20 dollars in their pocket at any given time, while people in the UK carry less than 5 pounds. We are becoming more and more programmed into using electronic forms of payment. We didn’t even see it coming until it was already over, right? While many say this is a good thing, as it makes it harder to steal money, there are many ringing the alarm bell as this will also make it easier to control people who are dependent on the grid for all transactions.

Australia has shown even more staggering numbers. Cash withdrawals from ATMs have reach all time lows plunging more than 50%. It appears than many in Australia do not want paper currency any longer and the trend is growing nationwide. the majority of people now think that cashless and smartphone type of payments will be the new norm in just a few years time. Many stores are getting ahead of the curve and are pushing customers into this direction but making smartphone payments standard, some are even going so far as to not accept cash at all!

New programs such as NPP (new payments platform) are starting to take over because of how seamless the transactions are. The added benefit is that they never close and transfers happen in real time between banks.

It is almost like when phone booths started disappearing. Many thought they never would, but try to find one now? ATMs are on their way out as well as most simply don’t use them. The entire world is heading towards the huge circuit board in the sky and everything will soon be virtual. what a wonderful work that will be , right?

Not so fast

The downside of all this is that not having real money… (well currency) … can be a very bad thing. If you have no real control over your money then it could all go away in an instant and there would be nothing you could do about it. Experts will tell you that it will be more secure using block-chain technology, but we have heard the calls of security before. We have also heard the calls of “good intentions” plenty will horrifying results.

The fact is that most people will simply go along with the entire process and say nothing because… “that’s just the way it is” We all feel powerless against the huge machine that seems to make all of our life decisions for us, and for many, that’s exactly what they want. Sad, huh?

The world has become far too complex to simply keep up with and it is this way by design. You control a population primarily though confusion and chaos. You invent a problem and you provide a solution. Its sales 101. But what are we really being sold? Will this be the ultimate solution for our problems with security, or will it just unleash a torrent of new problems. We wont know until it is implemented though (like most bills in congress).

Can you live in a society where you have lost control over some of the most basic things? Well, that is were we are heading and freedom is unfortunately heading in the opposite direction. We are allowing people to make decisions for us that we never agreed to. This seems to be the status quo these days. Maybe if we focused on living a simpler life that didn’t require as much spending then we could possibly avoid a lot of these pitfalls. Unfortunately, I dont believe there is enough time for everyone to migrate over to this way of living and sadly, I dont believe the majority wants to.


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