Haunted Air BnB House?

This haunted house in Missouri is for rent on air bnb

Buying your dream home can sometimes turn into a nightmare that they can only dream about in horror movies.

This is what happened Aaron and Erin Clark from Jefferson City, New Jersey. After purchasing the house, they began to experience all forms of paranormal and spiritual activity and decided enough was enough. They soon decided to make some money off their own loss and put the haunted house on Air BnB so others could have similar experiences.

The haunted house is 109 years old, built in 1910 and is located in the middle of the Hobo Hill district. The house blends in with every other house, but it is whats inside that matters.

This may seem like a terrible thing to do, but they did this for a very specific reason. They did not want to knowingly sell a haunted house that they “knew” mas haunted. They claim that their eight year old daughter has seen apparitions of a tall man in a top hat. You can catch this house on television as well as it has made an appearance on the “The Dead files” from The Travel Channel.

The Clarks were in the house for only seven months before they decided it was time to leave. They thought that turning their lemons into lemonade was better than any other alternative. Since they live close to the prison and many people are interested in this sort of thing, it made sense to provide a valuable service. Strangely enough, the third floor is off limits.


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