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2019 think you’re ready for showing up today Joe here at Simple Life show Chelsea Handler we all know her, we all love her she is back in the news again of course she has her Netflix special hello privilege it’s me Chelsea if you haven’t had a chance to wash this actually would recommend go ahead and taking a look at it I think it’s always really important to keep an eye on what’s really going on and what what kind of information and what kind of message is actually being put out there to the public about race relations now I’ve been doing a lot of spots on White Privilege and obviously the YouTube algorithms are probably going to snow probably run around with a hair on the fire because they’re probably going to think that you know I’m something that I’m not my main contention with this is that white privilege and all this kind of stuff is is is in the news every single day race relations in there is in the news every single day we are being inundated on a daily almost by minute by basis no matter what all you have to do is just Google it they’ll be something new every single minute about either race relations White Privilege white supremacy or something like that is going on and it seems like every time that we are in a date with any type of idea it doesn’t really matter as long as you keep pushing it out there people will people will eat it up and then that would that that will form their opinion because the majority and I’m sorry to say this the majority of people out there have lost the ability to use their minds and use their brains for anything other than looking at memes or watching reality TV show I mean the list goes on and on and on you know exactly what I’m talking about anyway Chelsea is back in the news of course that she has a new Netflix show documentary course she has a lot of documentaries that the she’s putting on there she met a lot of money off Netflix she’s made him a lot of money in her career and maybe she feels bad about it you know boo hoo I really don’t care I don’t think really anybody cares and of course it’s really did come off you know in a great deal with a lot of people that she was talking to you A lot of them were not happy that she was doing this they felt insulted and I feel I felt insulted just watching it but we’ll get to that in just a second the first thing I really want to talk about here is that the previous episode I talked about University North Carolina they had a white privilege Expo and it was Ali next bow is some sort of you know some sort of class or workshop and no one really showed up nine people showed up only two of which were there for extra credit so that’s not the only time that there has been an email at some sort of simi documentary send me thing that was going on going around asking students about race relations this happened a year ago here at the same campus UNC and I just cut off a few types of a little Clips here just to let you know kind of what the people were were talking about

oh my God

because I want to give them a reason to talk to me

make sure I’m doing the right thing a higher standard as far as Athletics go or how to get held to a higher standard because there’s a certain expectation of Care on people of color by white subjects

white girl wears I think it’s like four seems to be bright like high fashion dresses feel like a black person even though it’s like more like Facebook that people will share where it’s like it’s not about so yeah that was just a little bit of a sample of some of the questions that were being asked of you and see you soon is now this happened about a year ago I believe you know it was just you know it was just kind of surprising you know I watched the entire video is about 30 minutes long I one thing I did bring up one thing I did notice that it was just primarily those students there was maybe one or two white students they really didn’t focus on them as much they were too busy feeling bad for themselves and feeling bad for who they were I mean this is just this is this is the type of regressive type anti-progressive type of mentality that’s going on we are actually going backwards we are going backwards where the content of our character no longer matters and we all know this we can all see the writing on the wall and you know and it’s like there’s it’s it’s it’s getting it’s getting out of hand and a lot of people or or subscribe me to the idea that they should belong to a certain group because of the color of their skin I mean this is des nothing more aggressive than that I think that we really need to focus on as a people as human beings on being better to each other being more decent to each other being you know and also being a decent human being and coming up with really good ideas this is something that you know I think that escapes a lot of the people out there because they are so enamored and so but there they they are really just overwhelmed by the message of division that is going on and of course the division they they are blaming all of this division on Trump they are blaming it all on our president when at the same time that’s all you hear in the media they are trying to convince everyone that we should all be in our little separate groups but then they’re blaming it on trop I just don’t understand what the where that logic is you know but I digress you know Chelsea was on CNN I I did watch that as well I took a few of the interesting clips from that as well and will listen to that now and I’m really eager to have a conversation about what it is I can know more about and to illuminate to people who are not a color what it means to be a color in this country feel free to edit this out cuz I’m like really embarrassed to be here with you because this is just another example of white privilege using your white privilege and what are you going to do with it other than coming to the space and take I mean it’s not that every person who who ever they feel like going in their life to a college and have this lovely life just Crush life now that’s not the case but if a black person and a white person run out of the grocery store and white person stole something

poignant story in the documentary about your own life and your boyfriend you got mixed up with drugs you would be stopped by police you would have the drugs he would take the collar. Arrested three times I was let go by the police all three times we were together and then threw that he was put in the system and then he was not able to get out of it yes he made poor choices you think about all the things that I’ve done with my career that hasn’t been that pothole but I’m just kind of cash checks and taking opportunities because they were available to me and never really thinking how did I get where I am what is responsible for that is it does my color of skin have play a part in it absolutely does the inability of for white people to admit to admit to white privilege because I think I’ve discovered I run a line somewhere that says it’s set of quality to those who’ve had it feels like a law is a perfect example of white privilege

at a certain point if you really want equality you have to be okay with other people succeeding so yeah I mean that is just that’s Chelsea Handler being Chelsea Handler do you know and she’s been in the news lately she’s really pushing this whole thing I don’t really know her that well I don’t really watch her that much she’s just another type of celebrity that is coming forward saying that you know what was me and where was everyone else you know we really need to do this and we need to do that and also I hate Trump and that’s what it all boils down to is you know her hatred for Trump and everyone else is hatred for Trump because he’s a white guy right I mean we really need to just grow up we all need to grow up I think that we have all become just kind of little babies and we just we just constantly need to be we constantly need to have our egos stroked all the time we constantly have to be told that it’s going to be okay we constantly have to you know have everyone say that yes you’re you’re a good person alive stuff you don’t really need someone to tell you that you need to have some self-confidence and you need to have a little bit of integrity and you didn’t have some decency what’s everyone actually gets that message we all start doing that with another one other won’t have it until Utopia that all these people are talking about but this is not the way forward we are not going to have Utopia this way this is not that that’s not what’s going to happen now Chelsea did really talked about a lot of stuff she she mainly talked about the you know she talked about Trump and also the the you know the Discrimination that you know black men and women they face in the justice justice system now I could point to a lot of different statistics and I will get into that but her story where she got arrested multiple times right I don’t know if you caught that or not but she was 16 years old she didn’t say that she was 16 years old she did she conveniently left that out of course you know she’s you know she didn’t even really let anyone know what happened really because was Tayshaun 18 I mean because when you look at Tayshaun in the documentary he looks a little bit older than her so maybe he was 18 when they got arrested when he got arrested and they let her go They’re not going to arrest a 16 year old girl especially when she probably didn’t have the drugs on her so she’s rolling around with Tayshaun right there in their young she’s 16 I’m going to assume that he’s 18 he might have not been I don’t know but that wasn’t that was conveniently left out and I think there’s a reason why so he was probably 18 she was probably say she was 16 at least that’s what she says and he had some weed on them of course it’s always a little amount I was always a diabetic right it’s always a dime bag of only had one beer you say to the officer as they pull you over for drunk driving but I digress you know it’s you know it was unfortunate that you know he was arrested multiple times but we have to really look at the facts he or she was not just a white girl she was at underage girl they’re not going to arrest her simply for being in the presence there when you had that did that simply happens all the time just watch an episode of cops and if I’m wrong just proved me wrong most of the time if there’s a minors in the car they’re not going to arrest the miners they’re going to go after the adult. End of story that’s standard operating procedure her story is bunk okay and she’s using it conveniently to try to convince us that all of this stuff is going on that everyone’s hair is on fire and racism is just ramp it and it’s all because of trump it’s all it’s all his fault that’s that’s why this is all going on right now when we go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics right actually we’re not going to go there yet we are going to go to the Bureau of Justice not the Labor Statistics now this was only got till 2015 I couldn’t find a thing of 2018 of course I was just doing a quick search here but as we see and I’m not even to throw a bomb under the bus here because when Obama took over we see here back in 2008 all this stuff to drop and it’s still continuing to drop as of right now we look at some of the other information here let me see looking at the Bureau of let me see you another thing for the Bureau of Justice statistics I don’t really have that I just decide to pull us up cuz it was more relevant but in fact over the last you know five six years 7 years or so and this includes Obama that that crime across-the-board is actually going down arrest for larceny burglary rate

down across the boards so you can you can you can give you no one applies to Obama for that you can give an Applause to Trump for continuing to do that yes absolutely Trump has done a lot for the African American Community Trump has done a lot for everyone he is not a big is not the boogeyman that you think he is you might not like him but I would suggest looking at some of his policies you might not agree with every single policy I voted for Obama twice because I thought he was a great guy I thought he had some really good ideas I used to be a Democrat but after that after you know 7 years of Obama I had enough I decided to get out I jump ship and I went to Trump and the fact in the fact is that I didn’t want I didn’t even want Trump to begin with I wanted Rand Paul I am a constitutionalist I am a Libertarian Trump trump with was not that high on my list of the time Rand Paul was Ron Paul before him was I wanted both of those but I don’t think the world’s ready for that type of leader I don’t think the world’s ready for a strict libertarian I think that having the government completely out of our Lives as it is a thought that’s too scary for both Republicans and Democrats and this is something that I’m going to talk about a lot in a lot of episodes that the idea of freedom is scary for a lot of people the additional just like the idea of being happy as though it is scary for a lot of people as well we have this idea that being miserable it is something got to say it’s kind of a status quo it’s something that would ruin all think about because we expected to happen we expected to happen with every single president that something’s going to go wrong we’re going to be in war there’s you know there’s going to be there’s going to be horrible things are going to happen but it’s not as bad as you really think it is so that’s that’s the arrest ride the rest are on the way at their way down Porsche in the Pew research Pew social transfer from the Pew Research Center here obviously racing American 2019 is at the Forefront of everyone’s mind and this is something that everyone’s thinking about I think about it too but not as much as some I’m forced to think about it because it’s in the news all the time and I’m forced to talk about it I don’t mind talking about it but I think that is that that’s it is something that we shouldn’t really focus on I don’t care what color you are what kind of person are you really what kind of person are you what what have you done for other people in your life and it has nothing to do with you can you can go out there and you can help people and it doesn’t really matter you can go and being independent you can start your own business you can go to school you can do all these things stay out of trouble you know when you were when I was listen to see you in it that’s dead that seeing into the clip and the interview with Chelsea Handler she had she admitted yes he was black he was doing the wrong thing you know you didn’t learn his lesson so he got arrested three times so the first and second time he got arrested he didn’t learn his lesson that’s why we do know that as far as a whole marijuana thing yeah I think it’s terrible I think a lot of people got in trouble I got in trouble myself for it I had the book thrown at me for a first offense for marijuana or I so I don’t want to hear all this you know it’s just the black people are people of color that that’s getting the book thrown at them on the first offense and I will tell you this right now before you leave some negative comment or something on here because I don’t understand my mother was dying of cancer in 2015 I went to California and got a whole bunch of marijuana so and marijuana oil for her my wife and I got pulled over in Texas right we were profiled because I have long hair I had tattoos still have tattoos and we look like drug dealers right we were profile we were white people and they didn’t ask any questions they just search all of our stuff and they found it we weren’t even trying to hide it you know we were stupid but I was doing it because I wanted to save my mom’s life wasn’t doing a trying to to make a profit or to sell it to someone but the fact of the matter is they threw at us in jail we didn’t even get a phone call for 3 Days people where’s my white privilege there I don’t know I really don’t know where it is and that’s when I became a republican because up until then I felt that yes because of my white privilege that I had way more opportunities and I had the obviously just I had every at everything in front of me while other people didn’t and that’s that’s simply not true cops will cops will throw the book at you they will throw you in jail no matter what color you are doesn’t really matter now are some things that out there there’s a monopoly that happens absolutely but we need to stop blowing those out of proportion as if it was somehow indicative of how everything goes that is not true when I went went when my wife and I went to court they threw the book at us did we go to prison no but we got a lot of time it took his years to pay that off years to get through all the community service years and years we just recently got done with it this is back in 2015 so you know I can I can speak from personal experience that this is this this is not really happening at least not on a wide scale that everyone’s trying to make it seem I’m going to get off my soapbox here but yeah yeah racing America is at the Forefront of everyone there blacks are particular gloomy this is from Pew research black serpent Igloo me about the country’s racial progress more than 8 and 10 black adults a legacy of slavery affect the position of black people in America today including 59% who say it affects is a great deal about Aiden Black 78% say the country has gone far enough when it comes to giving black people equal rights with lights 78% that’s not too bad right and fully hasse it’s unlikely that the country eventually achieve Racial equality so those are conflicting types of statistics of course. Search is full of conflicting restrict statistics course to told us that Clinton was going to be the next president along with a lot of research poles and so forth that was done back in 2015 and 16 so where we are as a nation I think that we have grown greatly as a nation I don’t think that race is such a huge deal anymore it’s only as big of a deal as we make it or they’re bad black people are there bad white people are there bad and they’re there’s bad and there’s just bad people. And there’s great people We Are All One race people I know you heard it I know it’s stripey we’re all One race we are the human race and we need to start and we need to stop this nonsense because all it is is just making people upset and it is it is further diluting when actual things of racism actually happen because it’s getting lost in the noise so we can’t actually addressed that when it really does happen if everything is racist and then nothing is racist I mean really think about that because it seems like everything’s offencive everything is Politically Incorrect and everything is racist and I mean it’s just most we’re getting really tired of this so that was Pugh of course Rasmussen which is another type of polling agency this was back from June 17th 2019 voter say Trump better for blacks than Obama but more is needed the new Rasmussen reports national telephone and online service finds that 33% of likely us voters think life for young black Americans has gotten better since Trump’s election slightly more 30% life is worse for young blacks now while 22% say it’s the same so that’s about what 55% in favor or at the at I guess at the median average I guess I think that I think this whole idea that the government should be responsible for for your future is the most destructive idea that is being displayed in and forwarded by the media and the Democrats out there the government is not and has never been there to make sure that you make it to the next level okay if you want if you want to climb that wrong that ladder by all means go ahead but stop relying on the government to be there for you to Pat you on the and make sure that you get a boost up we are all we are we all are are are are are the same as far as human beings we all the same red blood that’s going through us and we have to work towards being decent human beings and being better to one another not only in the workplace but also in every facet of Our Lives that’s what we have to work on we have to stop relying on the government to try to write any of their the societal ills that either are real or perceived the government is not there to do that the government is here to protect the nation from foreign threats and that is it that is it my friend that is that is the only reason that a government exists and to provide support for the state governments and that’s it now the state government has different programs not like that to help the citizens yeah because we are altruistic type of society these are the things that we do but it is not incumbent upon the government to make sure that you get somewhere now I’m a minimalist I don’t believe that I believe that the TV the whole system or Society in a dated with this type of consumerism materialism that it is making people insane because they they believe that they’re their life and they they they they really have to like beat the Johnsons another words they have to get to the next rung and if they don’t and they feel bad about themselves in the cycle continues the it goes It goes around and around and around that’s why I became a minimalist I only have things in my life that actually add value to it I shun and I I reject everything else I don’t even really watch TV anymore now I do read the news and stuff like that but I try tip at least try to stay away from the mass media and a lot of the stuff that’s out there in the the entertainment sphere it just doesn’t it doesn’t doesn’t do anything for me anymore he doesn’t so that’s what that’s what Rasmussen has to say about the entire thing and now of course we go to the labor force statistics out this whole thing about Trump and how he’s bad for the African-American and just anyone of color I guess not really you know what I hate saying that I hate seeing people of color I hate seeing a black people or white people you know it’s just that. Just further types of solidifies the Divide between everyone and that is exactly what the progressive left wants you to do they want you to make the distinctions at all times they want everything to be equal right but they also want you to make the distinctions at all times between All Peoples all Races all religions all Creeds it’s pretty much the antithesis of the Constitution of the Declaration of Independence this is like the Antichrist of the Bible okay and I’m not I’m not trying to drag religion into this because you know that’s not something I really want to do I don’t think it has any place in the political discussion but a lot of Democrats out there want to say that but I digress I’m just kind of going off at a tangent right now but like I said this is a progressive regressive types of backwards actions that is going to is going to turn this country inside out and divide it and it’s only going to get worse I’m upset it over and over and over again but you know we commonly you know we hear from Martin Luther King’s niece very commonly and she’s she doesn’t really going to see you in it too much he’s usually on Fox news now I watch all kinds of media but I really haven’t seen her on CNN or MSNBC NBC CBS or anything like that but that she’s constantly you know kind of trouble you’re trying to Hound you or try bad for you know the minority populations he’s not bad for them you know he’s good for all of us he’s doing the best he can he’s he’s not a bad guy okay he’s not the greatest East stop he’s not a best upstanding moral you know character but since when has the Democrats in the Progressive left been really concerned about morality I mean answer me that I don’t understand that one that that one’s kind of weird every time they want to bring up morality that’s just something that just kind of just throws me off I’m like wait why are you talking about this but there are two main things I really want to discuss here and then I’ll go ahead and just just in this right now cuz I’m almost had 30 minutes but Trump has done so much for you know the Tipping you know the other the black and African-American we’re just going to talk about that subset of the population that has done a lot for them okay and the citizen USA the statistics actually show that it is it’s been it’s been handed over and over ever since 2009 all the way to 2019 unemployment rate heat that around in a 2011 or so it looks like between maybe 2010 you know by this chart and it’s actually hit all times All Time Low stay in the present you don’t half way they are halfway through 2019 and then we can see the actual numbers here 2019l looks like a peek at around 15.8 16.1 and they were a 5.0 that’s the lowest it’s ever been now believe in history so I mean you can see the date you and the dichotomy there between Obama and Trump as far as the employment rate goes I’m not saying that Obama was a terrible person I don’t think Obama is the Antichrist I know but I don’t believe in all that kind of stuff that they even Trump was talking about when it came to Obama I support Obama for two terms at the end of the end at the end of his second term my I completely just turn my back on them this Dino that might happen with Trump if you need to start to start screwing up in his second term that could very well happen I could go back to you know either Democrat or I could go to a independent hopefully we have an independent libertarian by then that would be wonderful that would be that would actually be really true progress if we can get all this dichotomy of Republican vs Democrat that would be great cuz I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Most people are sick of talking about so the second thing here is the first step. Of course his first step act went into back in 2018 and Kim Kardashian and her husband actually had a big role in that I don’t know if you knew about that or not but this was really good for the for everyone not just the African Americans and you know the blacks black Americans how do you know what just Americans in general you know what is it what is a right way to say that African-Americans black and Rich gets you see I don’t even know because I just don’t think like that I I look at everyone as human beings and and that’s what that’s what you need to do you really everyone needs to start to in that I mean it’s 2019 right so that’s the First Act step back was a really good for you know people that were in prison for non-violent offenses especially a lot of people that were arrested and put in for incarcerated friend put in prison under Bill Clinton of course Bill Clinton when he was president you know the incarceration rate went through the roof and we look back here on the the arrest estimates this for just for blacks were all the fences here back in looks like 1997 I think it actually heat that was you know right in the middle of Bill Clinton’s term presidency so he was really tough on crime right and he he was responsible for a lot of African-Americans being thrown in prison for a lot of nonviolent offenses drug offenses and so forth I don’t think anyone should be in prison for drugs now if you’re if you’re smuggling millions of tons of cocaine over that yeah you should be in prison you’re dangerous you’re dangerous you need to be in prison El Chapo needs to be in prison you should probably be executed because there’s no there’s no telling how many people he’s killed I mean they should just take they should take that dude out that is one bad dude right there but people who have dimebag’s announce a pound whatever of any kind of drug they shouldn’t be in prison. That is a waste of taxpayer money they should be rehabilitated you know the reason why a lot of people sell drugs because they don’t have all you know they don’t feel like they have a lot of opportunity I agree with that you know the log you don’t you don’t you could also argue that you know it’s a really easy quick way to make money to you know but we don’t know that you know each specific reason for everybody and why they do they Heather Simmons Community help them get out of prison help them rehabilitate them and get them back into society so they can have a normal life of a normal human being with all the negative stigma I still have negative stigma I’ll have a record until I’m probably 50 years old I I can’t get that stuff off my record I have a negative stigma for me as well I didn’t go to prison thank God but I had the book thrown at me it’s not like they just let me go I had to get a really good lawyer I just spent all my money on that I went completely bankrupt I went broke and that was three or four years ago you know I mean this is just something that happens to a lot of people regardless of what your skin color is in what we really need to stop forwarding this idea that it’s just because of you know this this whole White Privilege thing at this this whole Spectre of white privilege and there’s no real way to a I thought that was really interesting I obviously I knew that Kim had something to do with it Powell up Lake Lapeer starting to study law soon should be one of the most successful lawyers I hate the pillow my lawyers back hair is how you think of the prison reform got past the ones that put that legislation together and Trump passed it Kim Kardashian it’s still a prison Forum help a lot of the black community out and releasing people from prison would you say it’s a good thing got the president support and to see it come to fruition with magic so yeah that’s just something that I felt like I was a good good clip to show and a kind of round everything out stay tuned for the next episode here it’s been really good to pleasure it’s been a pleasure talking to you today until next time have a great day bye bye


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