The Climate Kids Shall Lead Us? Where Exactly?

There is a special climate summit that has been organized by UN Secretary General Anonio Guterres and it has attracted people from all walks of life as well as all ages. Donald Trump is not taking part in the festivities, in lieu of a summit on religious freedoms. We all know where that one is heading so I will just let that one go.

The summit is designed to bring leaders together to present new plans to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide.

Greta Thunberg will be there as expected to address the delegates, she has become a sort of poster child of the climate change upheaval that has made its way through the media over the last several years. How long exactly she will remain on this mantle is anyone’s guess. I think of David Hogg and I start the calculations in my own head silently. But, regardless of the fan fair over the young woman’s politics and overnight celebrity, I have a feeling that her heart is in the right place, even though that enthusiasm is being turned into yet another “hair-on-fire” weapon for swift action.

Don’t get me wrong. The children are the future and we must always think of them when we make decisions about the future because it will be theirs to inherit. However, we must also think about people of the other demographic who must still begin paying the billions, if not trillions to pull off many of these ideas that are coming forward. We must look at the cost to benefit ratio and make honest assessments of which plans are good and which one will just have too much diminishing returns. This is the way we all make decisions, it should be no different on this topic. The problem is that when children complain about something, it is very difficult not to listen and take them seriously. Children are not as naive as a generation or two ago; that have more resources and are becoming up-to-date faster than ever before. We must recognize this.

Now, the flip side of the coin. You now…the side no one really wants to look at.

While it is true that the amount of co2 is increasing, this is not necessarily indicative of the fractional amount of co2 in the atmosphere. we have more carbon sinks and the fact is the earth is going through a phase of greening, even with all the fires. The added co2 is causing slight warming over the entire earth, however this is different at different locations, so its kinda hard to tell globally. There is consensus that temperatures are rising modestly, but the idea that our hair will soon be on fire and we will all die soon is simply not true. the idea that dangerous weather is somehow linked to the rise in co2 is also not true. While the amount of co2 is rising from human emissions, this is actually starting to level off and will start to go down as we go forward. It is also true that we as a world need to hold all nations responsible for their share of the total emissions. This is all about balance and while I am not on board with the “hair on fire” alarmist viewpoint, I am also not a die-hard denier either.

So where is all of this leading?

Most of the democrat politicians are heading towards carbon neutrality by 2050 which is an ambitious goal. it would require all industry to switch to green energy, and all cars to be taken off the street and replaced by what exactly? Electric cars still use electricity…so will they all have to be solar?

Should be do something? Of course we should. we should always be working towards a greener planet. This is our planet and we need to keep it healthy. However, there must be balance between getting the planet healthy and ruining everyone’s lives. We can get there, but we have to take reasonable steps towards this goal. This can start be having more UN regulations on carbon producing countries…possible some sort of incentive for using cleaner forms of power. Throwing down demands is the sort of thing a child would do….pun intended.

So what are some of the common sense things I would suggest?

  1. common sense regulations on highest contributors (china, US)
  2. focusing on minimalism as a lifestyle (my personal fav)
  3. transitioning from large corporate agriculture to micro farming
  4. work to increase natural carbon sinks
  5. stop freaking out and move forward in balance


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