Did Google Just Solve Quantum Computing? Big step in AI forward (warning)

Google finally did it after decades of work behind the scenes from prying eyes and questions. Did Google just solve one of the biggest problems for quantum computing?

Researchers are now having to deal with a recent leak about their recent success in solving a problem on a quantum computer– one billion times faster than a classic computer — I wonder if they ever use it for gaming… Probably not. We dont know much about what was actually done with the problem that was solved, but in a leaked memo there leaves little doubt that, whatever it is, its big:

“They have realized Quantum supremacy, an achievement that heralds the advent of a much-anticipated computing paradigm.

some of the quantum computing community are more skeptical of the mysterious results. Physicist, John Preskill of Caltech, call the work a “truly impressive achievement in experimental physics” , but cautioned that it was just a draft. Others saying that while it is impressive but it is not of any practical relevance. Still, some others are saying that its all misleading.

What’s really going on here. What was discovered and why are some quick to dismiss? Has Google broke through a quantum barrier or is it just all marketing?

The truth is that Google did accomplish something that hasn’t been able to be done in physics or computing and will set the foundation for many things to come, however there are no usable applications yet. I do think that the naysayers are thinking a little too cynically because huge steps forward are their own reward in a way.

What they have done in essence is write the first real algorithm for a quantum computer in which voltage pulses and microwaves through a series of Qbits according to certain set quantum mechanical values to produce a result. This might sound boring, but it will soon be the foundation for many things to come. Maybe things that may be either wonderful or terrifying.

This was in effect a race between a super computer and a quantum computer in which the quantum won. This, while not practical, will set the stage for more to come. Make no mistake, this is a significant step forward in quantum computing and another large step towards a singularity.


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