Blood and Protest Mix. Extinction Rebellion Takes it to the Streets

The infamous Extinction Rebellion Group, a climate change protest radical group, hired a fire truck and then proceeded to spray fake blood all over the UK treasury building. The fake blood flooded the streets helping them make some sort of point about money and blood, I’m assuming.

almost 2000 liters of fake blood pours out from the hoses of the fire engine before it was all over. The protesters stood on top of the fire engine yelling “stop funding climate death”.

The joke was on the Extinction Rebellion group as their fire hose broke sending the dye in their direction instead. One of the activist also lost control of one of the hoses and abandoned it on the road.

Many in the media are not impressed by their specific tactics, calling it crude and nihilistic. the Extinction Rebellion group preaches about the ending of humanity and how we need to end corporations who directly fund climate change. Their premise is flawed however because we are not in the middle of the 6th mass extinction as they would like you to believe. Science simply doesn’t support this. Real science that is.




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