Iraq Removes Internet Access from Protesters

The Government of Iraq just pulled the plug on the internet and its all because of the protesters in the country. On top of all of that, Prime Minister Abdel Abdul Mahdi instituted a mandatory curfew in the capital of Baghdad. All of this stemming from people who are taking part in anti-corruption protests across the nation.

The protest have unfortunately turned deadly though as eleven people have died over the last 24 hours. These deaths include one policeman. As of the latest count, the death toll now stands at 20.

Some of the heads of Iraq have had this idea that they could simply brush the corruption under the rug and hope that it goes away, but as we have seen over history, this doesn’t ever work. the corruption only grows and soon you will not be able to control it…until the people take over that is. This is the natural result of the population having enough of the corruption that can be seen at all levels of government and in almost every nation. This is the also the main reason why Trump is still so popular in the US. He is seen as the anti corruption leaders, while the left always sees the opposite.

Most are looking at the present situation in Iraq and believe that the entire country will tumble into complete chaos which will, in turn, cause more problems in the middle east. As far as turning off the internet and mandating a curfew? What will this accomplish exactly. the people of Iraq seems ready to not comply with a corrupt government as it is. They have already shown they are willing to die for this cause as well.

Maybe its time to tackle this problem head on and start removing people from their positions in government. the anti-corruption manifesto is moving its way from country to country. The people are tired of being lied to and having their money stolen. The people of the world are revolting and I for one say… its about time.


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