Fireballs over Chile were Mysterious and Unnatural.

No-one is currently sure what happened in Chile as what may have been meteors, space junk or a number of other things started causing fires.

The fireballs were photographed September 25th above Chiloe Island in Chile, but no one is quote sure what it was. The fireballs caused several fires but were extinguished by local volunteer fire-fighters. Upon examination of the impact sites, there was no clear evidence that the fragments were from meteors.

The fact is that meteors don’t ignite many fires unless they are rather large, so meteors were ruled out before and after examination. It is still possible that it was a meteorite that simple happened at the same time as unrelated fires were ignited. Harvard University astrophysicist Jonathan McDowell tweeted that the event was ‚Äúprobably a meteorite” the day after the fireball lit up the sky.

Anything is possible at this point on what the cause is including space junk. Some want to conclude that it is alien in origin, but we wont know conclusive evidence until more tests are run. I do think its strange, however, that these type of occurrences are happening more and more.


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