Joe Walsh Calls Trump “A Traitor”

Long-shot candidate, Joe Walsh, is putting his foot in his mouth like so many do these days when attempting to bury the president. We have the transcripts. I’m thinking that there needs to be an official memo to everyone else who cant stop grandstanding and positioning themselves politically. There was no quid-pro-quo from Trump when it came to the Ukraine. We have the conversation in detail and we know this. the fact that there are whistleblowers is pretty laughable, but as mentioned in some previous videos of ours, this would happen.

Joe Walsh went on air Sunday to let the American people know that Trump is a traitor to his country for allowing another country to interfere with the election. It is very easy for the left to make up its own definitions when it comes to meddling because it changes so frequently. When it is coming squarely from the left, the media is silent on the subject. This upcoming election is sure to be more entertaining than 2016, simple due to the amount at stake. If the democrats lose in 2020, it may be the last year they have a chance for a very long time. They know this and thus the reason for the grandstanding at every occasion.

Of course, Joe Walsh, is not a democrat. He is a defector and now an anti-trumper. It seems though that we have entered a reality that simply supporting your president gets you labeled almost anything under the sun and nothing is out of bounds either.

“There’s enough we know now to vote to impeach this President.” Walsh said in a recent interview. He then goes on to talk about how Trump invited interference from other countries. Here is the thing. If that was wrong, then how is it not wrong when other countries send in information which could be damaging to politicians and it benefits the democrats? We have seen this over and over, yet not a word about it. Strange.

Of course the media is fully behind Joe and Hunter Biden. They have begun to call anyone who researches into these wrong doings “conspiracy theorists” . We know how the name-calling goes and how it is used to discredit anyone who outs forward evidence about this. The fact remains that Ukraine was already investigating into the Burisma issue for a while. The fact that Biden lied about having any knowledge of it when so much has come forward, is the only reason for all this fan fair to the so-called whistle blowers.

I truly believe that the democrats believe the American people have no more common sense left.


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