Glenn Beck releases audio of SMOKING GUN evidence damning the democrats

Glenn beck breaks everything down on the Ukraine / democrat connection in his best style that is easy to understand and make the connections for yourself. Below is the video of the break down.

I would suggest watching this one before you move to the audio of the conversation between two Ukrainians concerning their assistance to Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. This twisted tale keeps going deeper and deeper into the corruption of the DNC this it boggles the mind why none of the democrat left want to be exposed to the truth. the cognitive dissonance that most on the left must be feeling (or not feeling) must be overwhelming.

We must look at all of the dealings the US has had with the Ukraine to get a full picture of what is going on especially when we bring Biden and Obama into the mix. This all stems from the Obama’s administrations aid to the Ukraine and the pay or play politics that often surrounded the Obama and Clinton administration. In fact, every administration prior. The DNC inserted themselves into Ukraine banking and politics to gain information on Paul Manafort in an effort to undermine the Trump campaign. This also led to the Steel dossier and the Russia meddling scandal that followed. At the end of the day, all evidence has and will continue to point to the Obama administration /the DNC along with Clinton and her campaign’s involvement in election meddling and manipulation.


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