Parents outraged as Girl is too embarrassed to use restroom in London Primary School.

Parents of children in a London primary school are furious over the installation of gender neutral bathrooms without any warning of what they were planning on doing.

The issue is causing many girls who are now refusing to use the restrooms out of the awkward state that it imposes on them. This could have adverse effects on their health as many have pointed out. When the children returns from summer break, they were surprised to learn that the restrooms were all coed. Most of the girls comments that they would rather go with full bladders than use the bathroom with boys.

The parents are talking to school officials telling them ,”This is unfair to the children who are too embarrassed to use the restroom. this could damage their kidneys.”

A good reason for the discomfort comes from the fact that it is very easy to peek in on girls when they are going to the bathroom. The doors do no go all the way to the floor or the ceiling. Many girls have complained that this is now a common occurrence.

Some are even saying that some activist are now tricking schools into making changes but telling them that the change was demanded by a well known trans group. The schools end up caving and complying to the request out of fear of backlash. The trans activist are there though as always pushing through their own agenda. The parents though are fighting back saying that there is no reason for girls to be made uncomfortable or embarrassed when one student with a boys body identifies as a girl.

I tend to agree with the parents on this one as well. We are in 2019 and we cant stop talking bathroom equality. Its pretty corny and a waste of time in my humble worthless opinion.


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