A Trump Video that CNN and the Fake News Media Cant Get Enough of.

So there is a hilarious video that is a parody of the kingsman movie. called (The Trumpsman) and CNN and the rest of the shills in the mass media cant get enough of it. Even the the White House condemned the video hours after they heard of its existence, it simply wasn’t enough. The video is pretty hilarious though (if you aren’t an overly-offended snowflake)

CNN has to keep the “ORANGE MAN BAD” narrative going as long as possible so they have a chance of getting one of the many constitution hating socialist running in the slew of candidates this year. Of course, we will see this dwindled down to just a few before long. I am thinking that most are trying to stay in the spotlight longer in some vain hope of being awarded some sort of cabinet position in the long-shot chance that one of them actually wins. This will prove to be harder now since they are tearing the country apart with their phony impeachment witch-hunt.

This is now the ERA OF FAKE NEWS.We are truly living in the times where the media is 100% against a sitting president and I could care less how they are made fun of. They created this monster. Deal with it.


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