The Elite State is Plotting Against Trump. Duh.

While I am not trying to compare Trump to civil rights leaders of the past, I am. In a time long ago, we have people like Martin Luther King who rebelled against the status quo and brought civil rights to the under represented of our country. It was a great time and a great time for change. The republicans were also behind a lot of this as well, or at least didn’t stand in the way. This is a common fact most forget, but I am not trying to dilute the message of King.

We can see Trump as a kind of “civil rights leader” as well.


Well, its easy. We see a lot of our personal freedoms being eroded long before Trump ever rode the escalator down and told us what he was doing. We have seen our first amendment being flushed when it has become almost impossible to get a message across to the public without going through some sort of filtration. Now, we are not like China…yet, but I don’t think many are willing to roll the dice. I take that back. I don’t think many on the right are. There are some of the left who are becoming more and more concerned and this in itself is concerning. The old crazy is now the new rational and the bar continues to be lowered.

All controversial leaders who sought to return or turn this country into a better reflection of itself have had to surmount increasingly higher bars of opposition. Now the bar is set extremely high…or low depending on how you look at it. Our society has gone through many changes and the moral/ethical fiber that runs through it is continuously being challenged. This can be a good thing but it can also be a dangerous thing. We dont want to turn into a country that either politically assassinates or literally assassinates those with alternative points of view. the rage we see from both sides is turning into a steady boil threatening to spill over at a moments notice. This is the main threat and why we need to run towards rationality, but keep the reigns taught.

Trump is a leader. He has been a leader his whole life. He has never been cast as a religious leader or even a moral one, but this is not necessarily a requirement. What Trump has focused on and I pray he will continue to do so, is the constitution as well as personal freedom. When a society becomes entrenched in the ideology of man’s law, then we lose a part of what makes this country great. We cannot trust men to do the right thing all the time. We cannot trump Trump do that either. We must always seek to find balance in accordance with the basics of God’s law. This does not mean you have to be religious either. God’s law is all about loving your fellow man and respecting his right to live the way he chooses to live. God has given us free will and does not impose his will / law on us by force.

The impeachment circus as of late should have everyone concerned. There is a seething hatred for Trump that I simply can’t understand. It may be that the wrong team won, but those that subscribe to this childish way of thinking are missing the point entirely. We must root for one thing and one thing alone: human rights and freedom guaranteed under the constitution. When we adhere to a simple set of agreeable terms, then everything that flows from that will always be in the best interest of the people in general. This is what the forefathers wanted and intended for this country. We have grown a lot over the years, but we must always keep the foundation solid. Once we lose this, everything falls over.

Trump has done one thing. He has ruffled the feathers of the establishment. He has put global domination on hold for the short term. Yes we can breathe a little easier these days, but the hatred and plotting continues to remove him from office. Do these democrats actually hate Trump? No. They could probably care less. they love power more than they hate Trump, and he is standing in the way as he always does. Trump is leading us back to the founding father vision whether he intended to our not, but the violence from the left will leave many unintended consequences for society as a whole.

They will ultimately fail in their attempts at a coup, but they will accomplish one thing: A divide in this country that has never been there since the Civil War. Though, this time, it will take a long time to get back to where we belong. Bittersweet.


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