New York Government Tells You How to Have Sex: It’s Disgusting.

The recently infamous documented released by the New York government has been deleted. There are a few screenshots of the document which we will evaluate below.

The first thing that JUMPS OUT is the fact they are talking about feces. I guess the NY Health Department needed to cover all their bases including feces fetishes. Remember, during a pandemic, its not cool to take a crap on your partner.

Sex toys and masturbation is always #1 on our list. Its odd they include this because if you already have Covid19, its pretty obvious you can re-infect yourself by “using” yourself.

Your #2 choice is someone you live with. Thank you NY Health.

Your #3 choice is group sex outside of the house. Orgies are not recommended by New York Health.

Your number #4 choice is prostitution. Again, NY Health thinks you might need to take a break from selling your genitalia.

As far as sex acts, we are back to the ANUS. NY Health is also frowning on Rim Jobs, for the time being.

We kinda knew that New York would end up being the epicenter of this entire thing. With such a large population of people who hate Trump and lick toilets in solidarity against the bad orange man, its a forgone conclusion. Yes. People are licking toilets, door knobs and not giving a “crap” about this entire pandemic. You know…thinking about themselves alone.

My apologies if you love in New York and this doesn’t apply to you.


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