The Tables Have, At Least Temporarily, Turned

Most things on here are news with a hefty dash of opinion. This will be no different. For many years, the “low-skill” workers have endured the ridicule of the upper class and elite of this country. The collective cries of “learn to code” and “get a real job” has been a chorus of criticism, but has recently faded.

With the looming crisis, everyone has become ultra-dependent on these low-skill workers in fast food, warehouses, grocery stores and the like. Before, we overlooked them and took them for granted at best. I am not saying everyone has been like this, but overall, we have.

Let’s also not forget about the truck drivers delivering all of the supplies. The farmers who toil continuously to keep up with the demand. All while we rush through every isle, seething at our slight inconvenience.

The United States has always been an anomaly, both in history and in culture. We have the luxury of becoming agitated at any slight discomfort that removed us from our cushy lifestyles. We forget about the people who break their back for us to make everything a little better every day. We forget them and we need to stop now. For the time being, at least, the tables have turned. We need these people more then ever, at least we now see them for the value they possess.

It is only during a crisis that we begin to feel our own mortality. It is because of this that we must stop and smell the roses and appreciate everything and everyone on this tiny blue planet. Get out of your own head.


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