Is “The Federalist” Advocating for People to “Just Die” ?

After the first wave of panic from the pandemic along with the business closures, people losing their jobs and many getting sick; some are saying that the measures taken are doing more harm then good.

I will have to say that it has only been a few weeks since this whole thing started in the United States. This entire process will take a long time, possibly years to get through. We simply don’t know how long it will take because there are so many variables at play and so many things we don’t know yet, such as long term effects of COVID19. We discussed in recent videos that there could be long standing effects of the virus. We laid out the case that this virus has been evolving in a lab for a long time, and has no plans of leaving anytime soon.

Social distancing is required at this point and its one of the harsh realities of a pandemic. To keep the health care system in tact, we cannot overload it. To not overload it means to slow the spread. We have already discussed this virus appears to have all the markers to suggest it was intended for human spread. The evolution of virus pathology simply needs time to go from animal to human and develop the mechanisms to spread efficiently in a population. We must social distance.

The Federalist, which is a right leaning publication continues to forward the idea that COVID19 is similar to the flu. This type of non-scientific grandstanding is dangerous. There is an article HERE that explains why this is false. This virus is dangerous and it will not be leaving anytime soon. They are also forwarding the insane idea that social distancing is doing more harm than good. One possible explanation for this is the sheer panic many companies are having over no business over the last few weeks.

Of course, it sounds very callous to talk about considering the costs. It seems harsh to ask whether the nation might be better off letting a few hundred thousand people die. Probably for that reason, few have been willing to do so publicly thus far. Yet honestly facing reality is not callous, and refusing even to consider whether the present response constitutes an even greater evil than the one it intends to mitigate would be cowardly

The Federalist seems to be valuing money over life. In this manipulated, consumer driven reality, this type of commentary isn’t surprising at all. The fact remains that this will be hard on the economy, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, on human life. We are at the beginning of this and attempting to make an argument for people just getting the virus is outright reckless and stupid. This COVID19 virus is complicated and elegant in how it was made. This virus was intended to attack on multiple fronts and in multiple waves with various mutations. This needs to stop immediately.


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