DO NOT Take a Covid19 Test

This is a warning to everyone out there. You have been seeing the headlines daily about the covid19 death count and this is exactly where they want you…afraid. So, we understand this on a fundamental level: fear breeds compliance. But it doesn’t stop there.

If you do any amount of research, you will find out that the testing for Covid19 is flawed on many fronts. the fact is that the CDC has given hospitals guidance on how to label Covid19 deaths and what to code them as. This may seem benign, until you realize that at least half of the reported Covid19 deaths are not from the actual virus. The deaths are being coded and counted as such to increase the numbers the therefore the subsequent funding to hospitals.

So, the real numbers of people who have actually died from the Covid19 virus is most likely 50% of the reported numbers. Those who have died were predominately unhealthy or have severe underlining conditions. This is why even some in the main stream media are calling this the “Hoax of the century”

It doesnt stop there either…

The CDC has also admitted that Covid19 tests were tainted and or contaminated. This only leads to one conclusion: contaminated with what? We know the tests came from China and we also know that many of the supplies coming from china was also contaminated with the Coronavirus. This is huge because it also means that many of these tests were giving false positives, if not infecting those who took the tests.



Am I suggesting that this is all an entire scheme to infect the population with a virus? No. I am suggesting that the fear that was created from this virus is a weapon that must be maintained by any means necessary. When we are afraid, we are constantly glued to the media. We hang on every word as if it were oxygen. They know this and anything they can do to pump up the numbers will serve this purpose. They have been doing this throughout history. We are being manipulated in the grandest scale. This virus is real and it was man made; we know this now. We also know that we are entering into another election cycle and what better way to sway votes than with a collapsing economy, dead bodies and fear. How convenient.

Do not take the coronavirus test if you can help it. do not just run and take a test if you feel sick. My suggestion is to stay active and boost your immune system any way you can. This virus is only affecting those who are unhealthy for the most part. We can no longer trust that our media will tell us the truth and we certainly cannot trust the majority of those in power have our best interest at heart. Those who really control this world and pull the strings only want one thing: you to comply or die.

It is time to stop being politically correct. If your house is burning, do you softly wake up your family members or do you run around screaming into every room to run?


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