The Hypocrisy of Nancy Pelosi and the Communist Left is a Sign of Something More.

As you know, the democrats are really good at one thing, hypocrisy. No matter what the situation or who has come under fire, there is always a good excuse for it and you just need to shut up and eat what they are serving because the breadline is already long enough (if AOC has anything to do with it).

Remember when Brett Kavanaugh had to endure days of testimony and a gang of democrats smearing his name all over national television? I do. I remember that he went through all of this to clear his name because it was the right thing to do. He was “interviewing” for the highest judicial position in the land and it would make sense to hold his feet to the fire, but what we saw was nothing short of a hit-job.

We can make arguments that this is the way it has always been in a way. Whenever an opposing party is seeking a higher level office there will be attacks and media attention, but something has changed. We no longer just see the typical hypocrisy from both sides. We are seeing a concerted, and orchestrated effort towards something far more sinister. Make no mistake or misunderstanding; the progressive left (communist / fascist) in this country want to change the entire landscape of what it means to be American. It is no longer about truth and justice and freedom. These terms are no longer relevant to every person regardless of race or political affiliation. We are only now allowed to have certain freedoms if it deemed necessary. Albeit, the progressives are not throwing bombs on the constitution…yet, but they are running black ops against humanity on multiple fronts and we must be mindful of this. We must stay true to our convictions and what this country was founded on. These are dangerous times and its not longer innocent political hypocrisy anymore. This is a plan that was put in place a long time ago and the pieces of the puzzle are always being fit into place in their own time.



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