There was a recent town-hall meeting where democrats in the the 2020 presidential election came together for a 7 hour massive question and answer marathon. Many of the question revolved around your typical progressive talking points and the answers given to them were your typical boilerplate language points. However, today we have a new issue that we are “struggling” with as a nation: To eat meat or not to eat meat

Not too many have been impressed with his latest stance not only on the 2nd amendment, but all amendments really, calling none of which absolute. this would have been a shocking assertion a few decades ago, maybe even a decade ago? Not anymore. The field of progressive left candidates as well as those serving in congress are calling for more outlandish measures. Why isn’t anyone paying attention?

If you’re at the just over half-acre of farmland that is Grow North Farm for the farm-to-table lunch pop-up, you’ve got two meal options: A garden salad with a Za’atar spiced vinaigrette or chive Dijon dressing, a rhubarb basil spritzer, and either East African chapati bread or a Ukrainian meringue cookie.