Rather suddenly, we are on a trajectory toward the potential impeachment of President Trump. Both close allies of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and vulnerable Democrats in swing districts have signaled their desire this week to pursue impeachment proceedings over President Trump’s alleged efforts to induce Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky into investigating Joe Biden, whose son Hunter […]

You read that right. Not much media attention has been given to the magnitude of the burning going on right now in the amazon rainforest. the fact is there is no real way to stop this fire since it is so widespread that it is now impossible to contain. The damage from this will be felt for many years. But more surprisingly, is the lack of concern for this event.

The Democrats running for president are full of promises this time around and it seems that the promises are getting more outlandish and lavish than ever before. From free healthcare for every single person, including undocumented people, free cash every month and a promise to get rid of all the […]